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Prayer is an important part of our spiritual development. It has powerful benefits. Developing spiritually has no use  unless you have also learned that you are a spirit being, a part of God.


When we pray, we become prayer. Prayer has a divine inner spiritual power, and can help us find the asnwers we seek. Prayer is a direct line of communication between you and your Creator.

Through prayer and intention we open the doors to the spirit world and develop a closer relationship to God




In this  manual you will learn about prayer, and how prayer can help you on your spiritual path and daily life, and also you will discover insight into different types of prayer, and how different religions of the world utilise prayer powerfully.




What you will receive with this purchase:

A divine prayer empowerment manual

A divine blessing/attunement to enhance your prayers

Email support for any guidance or questions


Founder : Jay Burrell


Divine Prayer Empowerment- healing with heartfelt prayers and intentions

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