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The Scale of Consciousness, and how it determines how you experience and create your life.

The ego is another layer that comes with being human, and is formed when we are born, and continues to develop all throughout our lifetime.

Although we all have an ego we all operate at varying degrees of consciousness.

We are each individually operating from, creating from and experiencing life from one of these levels of consciousness ( see illustration ), with each level having its own vibration.

If you look closely at this illustration, you may be able to identify which level you fall into.

David R Hawkins has written a book Power vs Force, that goes into depth on this scale, if you would like to dive deeper into how to transcend into the higher levels.

So what does this have to do with manifesting, life coaching or healing?

We create from our point of reference and experience reality and daily life from here. An experienced coach /healer will be able to help you identify where you are at and help you, release and heal the blocks that keep you stuck.

Example, If you are in the scale of anger, which oscillates between 150-175 its on the lower level of the scale.

Nothing wrong with being here. It's a natural human emotion to feel angry when things are not going great for us, anger is a way to process. It is healthy to feel through it and process. All emotions have a purpose.

On the other hand, being stuck in anger continually, it is not a healthy way to be feeling all the time and can wreak havoc in your life, and you may be unintentionally creating only more things to be angry about, or noticing more things provoke anger, keeping the cycle/loop/pattern repeating.

Recognising where you are on the scale and healing, moving to the next levels is ideal.

Some people naturally fluctuate through the levels, experience the emotions and move on.

Others, can be stuck in a lower state because of varying life circumstances, for instance, trauma, grief, unprocessed emotional pain, sickness etc. In this case, it may require healing, like therapy, medication, counselling, alternative therapies...whatever works for you

( I personally use Root Cause Therapy with my clients, it is an effective method which uses regression to allow the completion of unprocessed emotions which are presently causing unwanted thoughts, behaviours, patterns and symptoms).

Its important to note, there is not one level on the scale that is better than the other, every level of consciousness has its purpose in life. The scale is merely a guide, a reference point to identify your level, point of creation and what you experience in life, by observing ( not judging, just gently observing) your standard on the scale, on an emotional state.

A good question I have my clients journal on is :

What am I unconsciously creating/experiencing in life over and over again that I would like to change, and what level on the scale would it correlate to?

I highly reccomend Dr David Hawkins book, Power vs Force and The map of Consciousness Explained, to gain further understanding and insights.

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