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Great ways to detox your mind

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

We all need a reset every now and the. Our lives these days always seem to be in rush mode, which can create havoc for our nervous system and produce unwanted effects like anxious feelings and stress.

Sometimes its a good idea to detox our mind, like hitting a reset for our busy brain.

One thing we can do, that seems is inconsequential, is to pull out a journal before bed and "brain dump" all of your worries, to do lists, concerns, all the things we want to be taken care of.

Once your list or letter is finished, crumple It and, and surrender it in prayer to the universe.

Mine goes like this" God, Angels, Universe, I give these concerns over to you, just for tonight, knowing fully that you are taking care of them for me. Thank You"

Then totally surrender them. Like really let go. Throw the paper in the bin and go and have a good nights sleep knowing all is well, just for tonight

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