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1 ,2 and 3 Master level workshop & ATTUNEMENT

Have you ever wanted to learn Reiki or energy healing?

Reiki means universal  life force energy.  Kundalini Reiki is possibly the simplest self development and healing system to learn and implement in your daily life. 

An attunement connects you to the reiki kundalini energy frequencies, so that you can activate the reiki whenever you want, for self healing, or healing work on others.

It is also a powerful cleansing for for your energetic systems, so that you can work with the high vibrational frequencies of kundalini reiki.

To get accesss to the universal life force energy of  Kundalini Reiki,  an "attunement' is given to you. During your attunement, several energy centres and channels are opened and strengthened. You access this divine energy through intention and in this course you are taught techniques on  how to heal yourself and others. A great introduction to energy healing.

This is a convenient self learning style that replaces a traditional course workshop. You will always have support and access to email me for any questions you may have

Blonde woman doing breathing pranayama exercise. Outdoor workout. mindfulness zen spiritua

workshop INCLUDES:


  • Kundalini Reiki Millenium Manual 

  • Life time Kundalini Reiki Attunement

  • Mentoring and Support group

  • Learn how to harness the Kundalini Reiki Energy

  • Learn how to perform a distance healing

  •  Learn how Heal Karmic Bands

  • Use Reiki for emotional, physical, mental & soul healing

  • How to pass on the attunement to others

  • Past life healing

  • Situations / qualities healing

  • Send reiki healing to past or future situations + many more healing techniques

  • Strengthen your natural spiritual gifts

  • Certification of completion

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