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Heal Your Money Mindset 7 day Programme

  • 9Steps


previously only offered in my 1;1 coaching programmes, and it was so successful with my clients I made it a stand alone module on its own! My exact process for clearing subconscious blocks on manifesting certain amounts of money. I have been using this method for years, over and over and it works. I have worked with top tier coaches who have taught me this process, and I have built a successful business using the steps in this mini programme. It gently helps to dissolve mindset blocks that hinder your growth and self development, which intern rewires your mindset to become open to receiving abundance. each day over 7 consecutive days you will receive an audio, journal prompts and homework with energetic principles, mindset work, shadow work affirmations, that promote a deep healing of subconscious blocks toward abundance. You can use this process again and again, and also for other things besides money manifestation.

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