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Have you tried all the positive thoughts, affirmations, manifestation techniques, bought every new self help book, delved into the world of self development and still feel like you are the hamster running on that wheel, expending all your energy, trying to keep up, doing your best to put your best foot forward, only to find yourself in the same position as you were before, only now you are a little older, and a lot more tired?

This is the trap of the self help industry, the one size fits all approach to coaching, healing, manifesting, goal setting... and because its a one size fits all approach, there will only be small percentage of lucky people who make this shit work, and the others, well, trapped in the hamster wheel. One step forward, two steps back.

You see, all of us are unique. raised differently, nurtured differently, experienced life in unique ways, which therefore ensures your subconscious programming is wired in many complex and varied ways.

Subconscious beliefs hide just below the surface, they are the drivers of how why and when we do think and do the things we do.

Until these beliefs are uprooted, understood and healed, certain patterns may keep showing up in your life ( hello the same bad relationships over and over, the same old money patterns, or self sabotaging behaviours, you get where I am going with this...)

This is why a one size fits all approach to manifesting, self help, life coaching, won't work. Some people need to heal first. Others, are ready to jump into high level coaching.

This is where root cause therapy comes in.

A revolutionary new technique that cuts through surface layers of the mind, and gets deep into the subconscious to identify the ROOT CAUSE, the experience, belief, emotion/event that started the unwanted programming/beliefs that keep playing out right in front of your eyes.

There are many ways to heal and rewire these beliefs, and I have tried a lot over the course of my healing trauma and self development journey. This One particular modality happened to stand out to me more than all the others I have tried.

Within just a few sessions, I managed to breakthrough some nagging behaviours and patterns which were holding me back, the last piece of the puzzle I needed to catapult me to where I wanted to be, mentally, emotionally and also with my work.

I felt it was such a revolutionary technique, I had to study it, get certified and incorporate it into my work ( coaching, counselling, mindset work). it just made sense.

Root cause therapy.

Root cause Therapy is a safe and effective tool to uncover deep sabotaging patterns and beliefs, and releases them to be healed.

Are you ready to get to the root of your behaviours and patterns that sabotage you subconsciously?

This therapy is for you if

-You are ready to change, ready to go next level with your life , ready to heal and release what holds you back.

Enquire for bookings and a free discovery call. email

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Updated: Jun 5, 2021

We all need a reset every now and the. Our lives these days always seem to be in rush mode, which can create havoc for our nervous system and produce unwanted effects like anxious feelings and stress.

Sometimes its a good idea to detox our mind, like hitting a reset for our busy brain.

One thing we can do, that seems is inconsequential, is to pull out a journal before bed and "brain dump" all of your worries, to do lists, concerns, all the things we want to be taken care of.

Once your list or letter is finished, crumple It and, and surrender it in prayer to the universe.

Mine goes like this" God, Angels, Universe, I give these concerns over to you, just for tonight, knowing fully that you are taking care of them for me. Thank You"

Then totally surrender them. Like really let go. Throw the paper in the bin and go and have a good nights sleep knowing all is well, just for tonight

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